Overview courses

The high technical quality and the amazing landscape make the bike course the real “strength” of the event. The special feature of the bike course makes the Idroman race an “alive in hell” adventure.


. Olympic distance 1,5 km 

. K113 1.9 Km

Lake Idro is especially inviting and safe thanks to its clean waters, the limited depth and the minimum width. The triangular shaped course is bordered by 3 buoys.

. sprint distance km 20


. Olympic distance and 1st Giro of K113
Tracciato molto impegnativo ma altrettanto divertente e ad elevate qualità tecnico-paesaggistiche attraverso i magnifici territori comunali di idro, Capovalle, Valvestino attraversando le suggestive frazioni storiche di Persone e Moerna.

. K113 (2nd LAP) 1st Lap is Olympic distance. 


The course provides sensational steps through the lakes Idro and Valvestino and the long ascents of Capovalle and Moerna for a total of 1500 meters in active altitude active.


The race track will NOT be closed to traffic but regulated by a temporary vehicle closure, so there will be volunteers of the organization or law enforcement at each dangerous crossing / point, athletes will have to comply with the road code and will be Rigidly forbidden to cross the middle of the road by penalty of immediate disqualification.

Given the challenging appearance of the race, any maneuver outside the road code will still be useless for the purposes of the final classification and therefore considered a dangerous hazard to the safety of the athlete and any other subjects, the only element that will be able to do the Difference in both bicycle and walking will be the condition of the participant, any other risky behavior will be subject to immediate disqualification.

Those who DO NOT accept this race condition are kindly asked not to go to the start to avoid unpleasant inconveniences and useless controversy after the race.



.sprint. distance 5 km (1 lap)

.OLYMPIC distance 10 km (No.2 Laps)

.K113 20 km (No. 4 Laps)