(A) All participants are required to:
-Wear the mask during every phase of the event except for the start phase (see point below).
– Deliver during the secretarial phase a special SELF-DECLARATION OF HEALTH STATUS dated and signed on the day of the race and downloadable from the website.
– Carefully read the technical briefing that will be disclosed and further delivered to the secretariat.
– Being subject to body temperature measurement during the secretarial phase or entry into the transition area by organizational personnel. In the event of inadequate temperature, medical assistance will be activated and possible removal from the event.
– Sanitize your hands while accessing the secretariat with a special disinfectant gel made available by the organization.
– Constantly maintain the interpersonal distance of mt1.
-Remove the mask only on the starting line by depositing it in a special container made available by the organization.
-Wear, immediately after the finish line, the new mask made available by the organization.
(B) The start of the SWIMMING fraction will see the ROLLING START formula applied with 5 athletes starting every 10 “based on the Rank score.
(C) The CYCLING fraction will be carried out with the NO DRAFT formula (for all medium, Olympic, sprint distances) and with the consequent possibility of using the time trial bike or extensions / handlebars. race track, the use of the time trial bike cannot bring chronometric benefits.
(D) Any warnings applied by the competition judges must be paid autonomously by the athlete in a special PENALTY BOX positioned on the path of the running leg.
(E) The refreshment points will follow the SELF-SERVICE formula to avoid contact.
-Bike restaurants:
.km10 (water bottle)
.km35 (water bottle / salt bottle)
.km55 (water / banana / bar bottle)
.km70 (water bottle / salt bottle / banana / bar)
-Run resistors:
. every 2.5 km (water / gel bottles)
-Arrival: water bottle / party bag.
(F) Awards:
-1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th / 5th Class Absolute M / F – Ceremony / podium.
-1 ° / 2 ° / 3 ° Class. Of category M / F – recognition collection at the secretariat.